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With more than 25 years of college experience as Swarovski's official agent, Iren Staurin and her associates offer the highest quality service in every aspect of the wedding, adding the extraordinary glow of the Swarovski crystals that make the difference!
CrystalStones is a unique creative store. Our goal is to make this world more stylish and brilliant. Handmade creations decorated with authentic Swarovski crystals in wedding, decoration, fashion. CrystalStones organizes, creates, inspires the most important events of your life and turns them into unique! Weddings, clubs, corporate events, private and regular waiters ...

The personality and story of a couple is our main source of inspiration when we invite you to organize a special event .. Iren Stavrinou: << ... From the first few minutes of my conversation I understand more is the component that will make their own time special .. the moment they met, their gaze exchanging, their experiences and their senses are insufficient inspiration for me !! Swarovski's everyday life, experience, Swarovski's glittering world, the love of scrutinizing objects and watching them, details that trap the eye create in my mind impressive images ... >> Every event is a separate story of two people where we want to we attribute it as a unique experience of life. Every marriage is special !!

CrystalStones has the potential to take off the aesthetics and the atmosphere of every event that takes over expectations. Scratches all the images, information and needs and turns them into an amazing result. Aesthetics responds to what everyone has dreamed of for their own special moment.

CrystalStones is a lively "idea" in constant evolution, search and originality so we can always offer something unique.
The full wedding package includes everything you need for a perfect and relaxing wedding preparation and we are available to work from the very first moment of preparing the wedding to the last day of the ceremony with great dedication and passion.

Our life is a gift and should be bright!


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