8 June at 8 o'clock in a breathtaking scenery, and the light of the summer sun slowly engraves and shines on the bridal table with the handmade creations of CrystalStones with authentic SWAROVSKI crystals and the theme was the sea. The newlyweds surrendered to the perfect moment of their life and surrounded by glamor, crystals and the Cycladic wind enjoy the impeccable organization of the wedding planner Irene Stayrianou. With carefree mood and ample joy, the event continues until the early hours of the sun giving the signal for the couple's new common life.































































Wedding: Irene Stavrianou / Crystal-Stones.eu

Special event manager: Antonia Kaspiri

Event venue: Thermes Suites

Wedding dresses: Fotini Xigaki

Hairstyling & Makeup: Kyriakos Lainas

Groom costume: Palazzo

Bride's Underwear: Kallistros

Photographer: Olivia Anthopoulou

Video recording: Nikos Fotakopoulos


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