Her favorite color is blue. His favorite season is the winter with his snow-capped landscapes.

Manolis and Anastasia married the coldest day of this winter. The only day he lived in our city. An unforgettable day, a dreamy marriage. A beautiful and loving couple. From these couples who are just looking to be flooded with joy.

The mystery took place in the sacred temple of Pantokrator. There followed a reception in Porto Rio in a magical atmosphere under the candlelight. The color of the wedding could not be anything but blue. We will not forget the blue roses of the bridal bouquet, the brilliant Swarovski Sweatshirt with the blue details and the Anastasia’s ring with the blue diamond. The decorative details, styling and organization were undertaken by the wedding planner of Crystaltones Irene Stanrianou, giving the wedding a classy and shining tone.

Our first marriage for 2017. I wish the next to be so beautiful. Manolis and Anastasia thank you for your choice. Be always so happy, glamorous and in love as that day.






































































A few days later we took the next day photo. Although in winter because of the cold the photo was not made accustomed by Manolis and Anastasia heard him. The result is compensated!


























Decoration: Wedding planner Ιρένε Σταυριανού / Crystal-Stones.eu

Favors: Wedding planner Ιρένε Σταυριανού / Crystal-Stones.eu

DJ: Ns-sound Nikiforos Spinos

Sweets: Da Vinci

Flowering: Anemoni Patras Flowershop

Accommodation: Porto Rio Hotel Patras Greece

Wedding dress: the BRIDaLgallery

Hair styling: Manwlis Xenos

Makeup artisty: Bibi Alexopoulou

Photos: Παύλος Ανθόπουλος Photography



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