At a destination of life and overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, Takaki and Mana, from China, chose to start their common trip. The white of Santorini and the sunshine in synergy with the CrystalStones' glorious decoration, with authentic Swarovski crystals, has highlighted the whole range of emotions. The table with the bouquet, the crystal glasses, the chairs with the shiny ribbons joined and contributed to a dreamlike result. The bride simple and natural with a wreath of Swarovski crystals embracing her hair did not want to part with the arms of the boy who with his eyes full of joy overflowed the space with love and fullness. The event was completed with the enchanting images full of shine and natural beauty that will accompany the couple back to their home forever!













































Wedding: Irene Stavrianou /

Special event manager: Antonia Kaspiri

Event venue: Athina suites, Fira

Wedding dresses: Fotini Xigaki

Hairstyling & Makeup: Kyriakos Lainas

Groom costume: Palazzo

Bride's Underwear: Kallistros

Photographer: Olivia Anthopoulou

Video recording: Nikos Fotakopoulos




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