A glamorous and impressive wedding filled with strong and dreamy images was organized with the care of wedding planner Iren Stayrianou - Crystal Stones for Vasilis and Pinelopi. All the atmosphere that surrounded the mystery with the vintage car, the parnasses, the flowers, the handmade creations with SWAROVSKI crystals gave a dreamy effect. This atmosphere continued in the lovely O'MEGA YAGHT CLUB, with the decoration composing a fabulous background that highlighted the full range of emotions of this special day.



































The couple, happy, brought these special pictures to the next day's photography at the luxurious "Costa Navarino" and on the idyllic beach of Wiodokilia. Olivia Anthoupoulou's photographic lens that captures from the beginning all the happy moments of this impressive marriage overcame the beautiful and enchanting setting of Irisne Stavrianou - Crystal Stones and highlights the whole fairy-tale atmosphere.













credits :

Wedding planner: Crystal Stones - Ιρένε Σταυριανού 

Wedding dresses:  Στυλιανός

Hairstyle: The Parlor

Make up: Βασιλική Ζορμπά

Event venue:  O’mega Yacht Club

Sweets: Da Vinci

Car: Wedding Vintage Cars – Γιώργος Αντωνόπουλος

Groom costume: The Mark - Konstantinidis

Photographic material:  Ολίβια Ανθοπούλου

Photographic material:  Παντελής Παππάς


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