With shades of pink and green of mint, Ιρένε Σταυριανού with CRYSTAL STONES influenced by the goddess Aphrodite created images that smelled sea and summer. The W's area on Rio by the sea and overlooking the bridge highlighted the atmosphere of the evening The light of stars and candles left a sweet memory in all this wonderful day for honeymooners.

























Wedding planning: Irene Stavrianou / Crystal-Stones.eu

Decoration: Irene Staurianou / Crystal-Stones.eu

Event venue: W/events

Wedding dresses: Constantina Koutsomitopoulou νυφικά

Hairstyle: Πανταζοπούλου Αγγελική

Sweets: Taxiarchis - Da Vinci

Photographier: Olivia Anthopoulou


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